Why do we eat the wrong foods and get fat?


Your conscious, logical mind is looking at this doughnut saying” it’s full of sugar, it’s full of saturated fat, I will enjoy eating it but I will feel guilty afterwards”

your subconscious, emotive mind is looking at this doughnut saying” that looks gorgeous, I am really going to enjoy eating that, go on treat yourself, you deserve it, it will make you feel better”

Your subconscious mind can deal with 4 million bits of information per second, your conscious mind (Will Power) can deal with only 40 bits of information. If they disagree on something, who do you think will win?

hypnotherapists make changes in the subconscious mind to help you make better decisions about how you feel about yourself and what you eat. If you are interested in finding out more visit http://www.change4thebetter.co.uk today and take that first step to becoming the person you want and deserve to be.

Lack of sleep makes you fat!

One of the side effects of not sleeping enough is hunger and an attraction to high calorie foods. When we are tired the hunger hormone Ghrelin is produced in lager amounts making us hungry.

The problem is that when Ghrelin is released in high levels carbohydrates look much more attractive to us especially the ones containing sugar’s. You probably notice that when you are hungry late at night the junk food in the fridge always looks much more appealing than salad or fruit.

So now you can see the importance of getting a good nights sleep and understand one of the reasons we crave high calorie foods. If you want to know more about sleep, weight loss and how hypnotherapy can help look at the change4thebetter website. I have also written blog’s on this and other issues that may be of help.Image

Cancer Time Bomb coming soon…

Cancer Time Bomb coming soon…

I guess we had all better look at our lifestyles and stop ignoring the facts. Our subconscious will always take the easy route and keep us eating, smoking and drinking because it knows we enjoy doing them.
All our subconscious does is keep us happy and if it believes that happiness is found in a cake or a drink it will lead us to those pleasures caring not for the consequences. Our conscious mind stands (will power) stands no chance when it is a battle of wills against the much more powerful subconscious.
For more information on how hypnosis communicates with the subconscious to make changes to our relationships with food, drink and cigarettes look at the change4thebetter website.

The secret of weight loss, Hypnosis style

The secret to long lasting weight loss is not dieting and abstinence. Re-programing the subconscious mind using hypnosis will help you control the food that you buy, give you awareness of what you put in your mouth and limit how much food you consume. Add that to regular healthy exercise and you have a diet for life.

If you want to learn more about how hypnotherapy can help you get the body you want visit the change4thebetter website or if you are local contact me at my Norwich office on 07899886882.

Weight Loss Ward, a look into the future?


Is this the future for Britain? If you are interested in diet and habit watch this program involving some very courageous people who’s last resort to lose weight is through surgery.
People only change when they are either forced to, find a better way themselves or are shown a better way of doing something.
Hypnotherapists show people a better way by changing their mental attitudes and beliefs…

Who does the shopping in your house the conscious or the subconscious mind?

If your subconscious mind is in charge of the shopping it will pick up sweets, cakes, fatty foods, ready meals and snacks. It will be shopping for the amazing 2 for 1 offers and all the bargain junk food on the end of isles. It basically shops for everything it considers yummy and gives you an excuse to justify everything it picks up no matter what.

 If your conscious mind does the shopping your trolley will be filled with vibrantly colored fresh fruit, vegetables and lean meat. It will ignore the sweet treats on the isle ends because it recognizes that these foods will only temporarily make you happy in the short term.

I guess most people who are reading this let their subconscious minds do the shopping and I am going to tell you that “IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT”. You know that the conscious should be in charge of choosing the shopping but where the conscious and the subconscious clash the subconscious ALWAYS wins! The subconscious only does what it thinks will make you happy even if it’s only in the short term.

 Using hypnosis the subconscious can be convinced that choosing healthy foods is the best thing for you and will make you happy. Combine that with smaller portions and regular exercise and you have a diet for life.

All you have to do is be “DETERMINED” and “COMMIT” to changing your life style.

If you feel a prisoner in your own body and you are now ready to start leading a healthy life contact me.

New Years Resolutions, make them reality with Hypnotherapy.

New Year is a great time to make changes; we can wipe the slate clean and start from fresh.

We have a target start date, good intentions to change our lives and very high expectations that “2014 is going to be the year”

With sheer determination and immense will power this does work for a small minority of the population. Unfortunately for most of us this is not the first time we have set ourselves up for failure. We have not learned from our past experiences and found better ways of changing so that we can lead the life we want to live.

So if you are a yo-yo dieter or smoker make longer term plans that are realistic, achievable and don’t involve torture. You have much more chance of succeeding with a long term plan.

To achieve your goals you will need to have the right frame of mind to remain focused and establish new productive patterns of behavior.

As a hypnotherapist that’s where I can make things easier.

My weight loss program and smoking programs are designed to keep you focused and remove any obstacles that are holding you back and stopping you make the changes that you dream of.

So if you want to make those changes reality check out the change4thebetter website and if you are in the area, give me a call.


Happy New Year, may your dreams come true in 2014.