It’s mental issues not mental illness!

It’s mental issues not mental illness!

IMG_0313Anyone who has studied semantics or language patterns realises the importance of the words that we use to describe the world around us. For example illness is defined as ” a disease or sickness of the body or mind”. Common mental issues like Anxiety, stress, depression, OCD, PTSD and phobias are classed as mental illnesses but they are not diseases or sickness. While they are thought of as illnesses there will be stigmas attached to them and sufferers will be less likely to seek help.
Over 90% of people classed as mentally ill actually have thinking issues or problems. Either they are in a situation that they are not comfortable with or, they have been traumatised or they have a habitualised negative way of thinking. They do not need chemical intervention to make them well, they just need to be taught how to think clearly so that they can move on and start enjoying life again.

Beware of the bad hypnotist inside.


What you think about or tell yourself determines how you feel!

If you don’t believe me search your mind and find a really happy memory. When you have a memory think about that memory in detail, intensify the color and sound, imagine you were back in that moment. The more detail you add the more real the memory becomes. Now notice how your mood changes, your spirit lifts, you may even find yourself smiling. Notice the feelings inside getting better and better.

Now you don’t have to imagine how focusing problems and concentrating on how cruel life has been to you is going to make you feel but that’s just what we do. It is a form of self hypnosis and the more we practice feeling bad the better we get at it. Our mind is constantly looking for patterns of behavior to make sense of the world and to guide us through it.

If you concentrate on bad stuff for long enough your mind will only look for more bad stuff and it then starts to get harder to find good stuff because your mind has given up looking for it.

Bad things do happen to people, there is no denying that and there are periods of time that people need to recover from them but if these periods over extend then escaping the trauma’s of the past can be difficult.

The first step to recovery is noticing that you are stuck in the past with negative thoughts. The second step is being brave and getting some help. If you think that this maybe you, you’re not alone, one in four of us will suffer with a mental issue at some point in our lives.

If you would like some information on how hypnotherapy could help with negative thoughts have a look at the website or if you are anxious check out the website for some free hypnotic self help techniques.

Hypnotherapy has an 80% long term reduction in the symptoms of IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a disorder of the gut that produces a variety of symptoms that vary from person to person. Hypnotherapy  consistently shows an 80% long term reduction in the symptoms of IBS (5 years and over).

IBS can be triggered and maintained by stress and anxiety held within our subconscious minds. Hypnotherapy can help sufferers re-process traumas, improve self image, boost confidence, change habits, and focus the immune system on repairing of the gut.

About a 1/4 of the population in the UK will visit their doctor with IBS symptoms at some point in their lives. It is estimated that 1/2of the people suffering from the complaint do not seek treatment from IBS. It is thought that only 10% of people suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome actually get treated by the health service in the UK.

The symptoms of IBS can change from day to day depending on diet, moods, lifestyle and hormonal changes (i.e. menstrual cycle). Sufferers of IBS can suffer from, Pain, wind, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, alternating bowel habits, indigestion, headaches to name a few. Symptoms can make a sufferer uncomfortable, disturbing their sleep and affecting their love life. The symptoms of Irritable Bowel syndrome lead to the sufferer planning their lives around toilet breaks causing them to become anxious. It is estimated that 60% of IBS sufferers will have a mental issue such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks and stress.

An important thing to remember is that IBS is a medical condition and must be diagnosed by a doctor to rule out other gut related issues before seeing a hypnotherapist.

I am in the process of developing a website devoted to the treatment of IBS. For more information on hypnotherapy visit


Hypnotherapy to find the cause of anxiety

Anxiety is a symptom and treating a symptom does not address the cause. Anti-depressants and serotonin based uppers treat the symptoms of anxiety and depression, which in the short term can help but until the cause of the anxiety has been dealt with the problem rarely goes away.
There is always a reason for a person becoming anxious. Anxiety does not start for no reason. Some event or experience has happened and the subconscious has processed it as a a threat. Every time the same or a similar situation occurs the person becomes anxious. It is our subconscious minds way of protecting us from what it perceives as immanent danger.
Using regression therapy under hypnosis the cause of anxiety can be found and then reprocessed. Once the cause has been dealt with a and the subconscious has been reprocessed then true healing can occur. Sometimes these initiating events have happened way back in childhood and the anxious person isn’t even aware that’s where their problem started.
A good hypnotherapist will help a person find the cause of the anxiety so that they can deal with the cause of the problem and move forward.


Why is it that Hypnotherapists are always last on the list?

Why is it that Hypnotherapists are always last on the list?

So many of my clients tell me they have seen doctors, psychologists, counselors, CBT practitioners and that hypnotherapy is their last hope of recovery. These poor people have been suffering needlessly for years with illogical mental issues like anxiety, trauma and panic to name a few.

Doctors deal with physiological problems, psychologists, counselors and CBT practitioners deal with the conscious or logical mind, Hypnotherapists deal with the subconscious which is where illogical problems are held!

Tranquilizers will not fix mental issues, only mask them. Applying logic will not fix an illogical problem.

Why is no one noticing that the majority of people with mental issues are spending months and years in therapies that do not solve their problems?

If you have mental issues see your doctor to make sure that you don’t have any physiological problems, then seek out someone who deals with the subconscious and can actually fix your problem.

It is not logical to have a heart attack when you see a spider (in the UK) or break out in a sweat when you get in a lift, or to be afraid to leave your house, or re-live something terrible that happened to you 20 years ago.

There is help out there.


For more information on hypnotherapy go to the  website

Hypnotherapy offers hope to PTSD sufferers.

Using Hypnotherapy to treat PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is becoming recognized and commonplace for the recovery of Trauma.

When we think of PTSD we usually think of a condition suffered by soldiers who served in Vietnam and more recently Iraq and Afghanistan.

But PTSD is commonly suffered by many people who have been involved in a traumatic experience outside the military. It is very common but often slips under the radar as sufferers try to cope themselves or by taking tranquilizers.

If you want to find out more visit the change4thebetter website or call me at my Norwich office and arrange a consultation.


Hypnotherapy can help with Anxiety and Panic Attacks

alex smallIt still amazes me why people don’t seek out help from hypnotherapists earlier. Anxiety and panic “in the main”, are subconscious problems. We hypnotherapists are usually the last in the line of therapy’s but get the fastest results because we work directly with the subconscious.
It is not logical to be afraid of leaving your house, or getting into a lift, or standing on a chair and feeling dizzy.
CBT and counselling works with the conscious mind (which only deals with logic). Anxiety and panic are not logical problems and are held within the subconscious. The subconscious is where our beliefs are held and where hypnotherapists work.
Now hypnotherapy is not for everyone or suitable for everyones problems but put it higher up on your list if you are suffering from anxiety or having panic attacks.

Hypnotherapy and childhood trauma

Working with peoples issues as a hypnotherapist really drives home the responsibility we have to our children’s wellbeing. So many parents badly manage their children’s traumatic events because they usually don’t have the skills or experience to deal with them. How many of us would like to go back and deal with these issues again more effectively using the knowledge we have today?

Children do not have the mental capacity or life experience to cope with trauma alone. When I say trauma I don’t just mean one dreadful traumatic event. Children can be traumatized by a family break up, the death of a relative, or abuse for example. Sometimes these things happen and they are dealt with poorly by adults so the child can not process what has happened. This can lead to guilt, anxiety, depression and poor life skills later on in adulthood.

If something happens to one of your children talk to them about it, let them know that you are there for them and help them process what has happened. If you feel that you can’t, get the appropriate professional help.

I see many people with issues who would not be where they are if they had more support, been listened too and then allowed to process the event as a child.

If you have children tell them you love them, listen to them and help them to understand if they are faced with a traumatic event. Children are not stupid; they just don’t possess the life skills to deal with trauma alone.

 It is so important to help children process trauma as they don’t have the life skills to deal with it properly.

 Quite often the emotional baggage that we carry around with us is due to unprocessed trauma from childhood. Hypnotherapy can help to reprocess such events so that you can move on.

 If you are interested in Hypnotherapy or want more information on hypnotherapy call me on 07899886882 or e-mail me, Alex at Change4theBetter.