It’s mental issues not mental illness!

It’s mental issues not mental illness!

IMG_0313Anyone who has studied semantics or language patterns realises the importance of the words that we use to describe the world around us. For example illness is defined as ” a disease or sickness of the body or mind”. Common mental issues like Anxiety, stress, depression, OCD, PTSD and phobias are classed as mental illnesses but they are not diseases or sickness. While they are thought of as illnesses there will be stigmas attached to them and sufferers will be less likely to seek help.
Over 90% of people classed as mentally ill actually have thinking issues or problems. Either they are in a situation that they are not comfortable with or, they have been traumatised or they have a habitualised negative way of thinking. They do not need chemical intervention to make them well, they just need to be taught how to think clearly so that they can move on and start enjoying life again.

Brain Magnetism

As a hypnotherapist I am asked to explain to my clients what is wrong with them because they don’t understand why they feel so bad. My reply goes a little like this.
Your brain is magnet that searches for whatever your dominant thoughts are. Notice if a negative thought takes you inside your mind how quickly other negative thoughts seem to come along making you feel even worse. If this negative thought process continues a pattern or habit will be formed and your mind will only search for more negative stuff.
If this continues it can turn into depression where a person has been following this pattern of thought for so long their mind has difficulty finding anything positive it is so intent on looking for negative stuff.
If you recognise this happening to you don’t worry the mind can be helped to look for positive stuff too. The brain is elastic and can be taught to attract positive stuff just as effectively.
If you want to break the cycle of negative thought and are interested in how hypnotherapy can help go to
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If you do the old same thing you get the same result…right?

Patterns of behavior or habits allow us to function and get things done. These patterns can be useful and positive or they can be negative and make us unhappy. All the people that I see in my hypnotherapy practice are running negative patterns or they have bad habits that they can’t seem to shake.
Most people are afraid of changing their patterns behavior even though continuing with them makes them miserable. They stay in the same jobs, with the same partners doing the same things all the while whining and complaining how unfair life is, waiting for something to happen.
If you keep doing the same thing all the time you will surely get the same result!
When children are learning to walk they fall down, think about what went wrong, get up and try again until they find a way of walking that does work.
So why shouldn’t we as adults do the same thing?
If you hate your job and it makes you miserable, look into changing it. If you are in a relationship that isn’t working, find a way to salvage it or leave.
What ever it is that makes you unhappy do something different and observe what happens. If it works stick with it, if it doesn’t, do something else until you find something that does work.
The most important thing to remember is that you can only control your actions. Don’t expect everyone and everything around you to change just to make things easier for you.
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Hypnotherapy for a better nights sleep

Worry, anxiety and stress prevent a proper, restful night’s sleep. Lack of sleep has been linked to a suppressed immune system, diabetes, heart attacks, weight gain and an increase chance of developing cancer.

Sleep is essential for our restoration, processing and filing of all the days information.

When we are tired we tend to be less creative, impulsive, more likely to make poor judgments and have worse memories.

A proper nights sleep increases  concentration, attention, creativity, social skills and of course our health

Hypnotherapy is extremely effective for tackling sleep problems and is usually a byproduct of most of my client’s issues.

If your worry, anxiety and stress are causing you sleepless nights give me a call in my Norwich office to see how using hypnosis can help with sleep problems can change your life or check out the page on sleep on my websie.

Control Panic attacks when a hypnotherapist is not on hand!

Here is a list I gave to one of my clients to help her cope with anxiety and panic with some CBT techniques. I hope it helps.

Prepare for your next day at work by:

 Going to bed early.

 In the morning

1. Eat a good breakfast

2. Practice 7/11 Breathing and focus on how great life is going to be when you are rid of this.

 At work 

 1. Remember anxiety goes round in a fixed cycle, it is not random.

  Recognize when the thought pops up and when the feeling starts.

 2. If you feel dizzy it is because you are chest breathing and you are tensing your neck and shoulder muscles. You are not ill and you will not faint.

 3. Think “I will not THINK about relaxing now”

 4. Use 7/11 BREATHING….relax and the bad feeling will go, don’t fight…relax…




After the event evaluate what happened and learn from it.

Did you faint? No

Did you die? No

Were you in any real danger? No It is a TRICK!


Only you can do this nobody else. Be brave, plan ahead and stick to the plan!

Short term gain and avoidance does not work, concentrate on long term freedom.

Link to the breathing technique explanation.

How to control anxiety and stress

A great way to control anxiety if it rears its ugly head is a technique called seven/eleven breathing. When we feel anxious we start to breath much faster than normal and often only using the top of our lungs reducing our oxygen intake. The seven/eleven technique, once mastered can control anxiety and reduce stress very quickly.

You need to practice this technique first but don’t worry, it really does not take long to master.

Firstly place your hand on your abdomen and breathe in. Your hand should be pushed out as your lungs expand. Notice your hand retreating back as you exhale. When you do this correctly you will be filling your lungs with that energy giving oxygen naturally calming you and increasing the oxygen supply to your brain.

Now as you breathe in count to seven, hold for two and exhale for a count of eleven. Now the speed of the count depends on you so count as fast or as slow as is comfortable for you.

This technique is also great for just relaxing so keep practicing the seven/eleven breathing technique so that it requires no thought to do.

The other nice thing about the seven/eleven breathing technique is that nobody can see us do it so we don’t have to feel uncomfortable if we are out in public.

This is one of the best techniques to control anxiety but you must practice it first.

Remember you don’t have to live with anxiety and panic, good hypnotists can take it away!

Give me a call when you have had enough of feeling anxious…

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