The hardest thing about being a hypnotherapist!


When people are sitting in my chair my job is usually pretty straight forward. I talk to my clients subconscious mind, ask it what the problem is and it either just tells me or I go and find it. When it’s been found I get them to re-process it so that they can move forward.
The hardest part of the job is getting them into the chair in the fist place. Through misconceptions about what hypnosis is, the attitude of soldiering on and unawareness that hypnotherapy can help are the main barriers that I have to overcome.
Close to 1in 3 people will have a mental issue at some point in their lives including anxiety, depression, panic attacks, IBS, psoriasis, grief, trauma and phobias to name a few. Taking drugs and talking about them will not make them go away because they are subconscious issues.
Why can’t you quit smoking, loose weight, stop reliving a past trauma, get on a plane, leave your house, have to check the lights are off 50 times, be near a spider?
If you want to find out why and you are sick of living with one of the above go to If you suffer from anxiety and want some free self help techniques for stopping anxiety go to If you suffer from IBS go to


Cancer Time Bomb coming soon…

Cancer Time Bomb coming soon…

I guess we had all better look at our lifestyles and stop ignoring the facts. Our subconscious will always take the easy route and keep us eating, smoking and drinking because it knows we enjoy doing them.
All our subconscious does is keep us happy and if it believes that happiness is found in a cake or a drink it will lead us to those pleasures caring not for the consequences. Our conscious mind stands (will power) stands no chance when it is a battle of wills against the much more powerful subconscious.
For more information on how hypnosis communicates with the subconscious to make changes to our relationships with food, drink and cigarettes look at the change4thebetter website.

New Years Resolutions, make them reality with Hypnotherapy.

New Year is a great time to make changes; we can wipe the slate clean and start from fresh.

We have a target start date, good intentions to change our lives and very high expectations that “2014 is going to be the year”

With sheer determination and immense will power this does work for a small minority of the population. Unfortunately for most of us this is not the first time we have set ourselves up for failure. We have not learned from our past experiences and found better ways of changing so that we can lead the life we want to live.

So if you are a yo-yo dieter or smoker make longer term plans that are realistic, achievable and don’t involve torture. You have much more chance of succeeding with a long term plan.

To achieve your goals you will need to have the right frame of mind to remain focused and establish new productive patterns of behavior.

As a hypnotherapist that’s where I can make things easier.

My weight loss program and smoking programs are designed to keep you focused and remove any obstacles that are holding you back and stopping you make the changes that you dream of.

So if you want to make those changes reality check out the change4thebetter website and if you are in the area, give me a call.


Happy New Year, may your dreams come true in 2014.

Your Hypnotherapists Reasons not to stop smoking.

As a hypnotherapist I believe that we should all live our lives the way we want.

So if you want to continue to smoke I have compiled a list of  reasons to help ease the anguish and justify your habit so that you can fully enjoy the wonderful experience of smoking.


1. I don’t smoke enough to worry about the health risks.

 2. My Grandfather smoked and he lived till he was 86.

 3. I really enjoy the taste and smell of tobacco.

 4. I keep myself fit by going to the gym so smoking the odd cigarette is fine.

 5. There are far worse things that I could spend my money on.

 6. Smoking is the only thing that relaxes me.

 7. My partner smokes so there is no point in trying to stop.

 8. I have tried to stop before but it’s impossible to once you start.

 9. I take comfort in knowing that I can stop anytime I want.

 10. Roll ups aren’t as bad as straights because they don’t contain added chemicals.

11. As long as you stop before you’re 35 you will be fine.

 If the above reasons don’t convince you to keep up enjoying your vice and you would like to stop smoking for good contact me Alex, at

 2014 could be your year.

Bad News for smokers if they don’t quit!

The really bad news for smokers is that if you don’t stop smoking you will almost certainly die early from a painful disease such as lung cancer, heart disease, leukemia or numerous other cancers.

It is a fact that 1 out of 2 smokers will die of a smoking related disease. Cigarettes kill about 90,000 people a year in the UK compared to the 4,000 odd who die in road accidents and the 3,000 odd who die of liver cirrhosis.

Make a date in January 2014 to quit smoking and enjoy more time with your family!

Hypnotherapy can make ditching the habit and quitting for good easier with long lasting results.

If you want to find out how hypnotherapy can help check out my website or give me a call if you live in the Norwich area.

Excerpt from a hypnosis script for stopping smoking

I was looking through some hypnosis scripts I had written when I was training as a hypnotherapist. This one is for all you smokers with families who are thinking about quitting.

I want you to imagine a possible future where you have continued to smoke.

You are lying on a bed in a white room…you are surrounded by a haze and you can’t see clearly yet.

As your eyes become more focused you notice that you are in a room in a Hospital…Around you are machines making clicking and beeping noises…The air smells of anti-septic and you can feel the hard uncomfortable mattress and stiff sheets beneath you.

Then you notice that you have a mask on your face and you notice the hiss of gas and the feel of the cold oxygen as it flows over your nose and mouth…As it dawns on you where you are and how you got here you can feel the quickening of your heart.

In the background you can hear weeping and as you turn you notice that your children are beside you looking sad with tears filling their eyes.

I want you to explain to them why you continued to smoke when you knew that this would happen…tell them how sorry you are that you are going to leave them early…with no Mother…Tell them how sorry you are.

Pretty thought provoking…

The real cost of cigarette smoking.

Cigarette smoking as well as being extremely bad for you is now extremely expensive as prices reach the £8 a packet of 20.

If you smoke 5 packs a weeks that’s £40 which is £160 a month, which works out to £2,400 a year. If you smoke a pack a day that works out to £2920 and if you are a couple…well do the math.

If you really want to give up 2 sessions of hypnotherapy will cost you £120 at ‘Change 4 the Better’.

That could save you up to £2800 a year and add years onto your life as a bonus!

How much is smoking costing you?