Hypnotherapy for injury recovery

Many injured athletes use hypnosis for pain relief and focusing the mind on recovering earlier. Many of the top football and basketball teams in the US employ hypnotherapists for this purpose and are having very positive results with patients recovering up to 33% faster.

Hypnosis can focus your attention on your injury so that you can continue the process of healing anytime, any place anywhere that’s convenient to you. You can also learn to use mental visualization so that you can continue to train while you are recovering from your sports injury.

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Hypnosis for Athletes and sports people

Professional sportsmen and sportswomen employ the use of hypnotists and hypnotherapists to increase their confidence and calm their minds giving them a massive mental edge over their rivals.

The reasons for visiting a hypnotherapist are nerves (or choking in Tennis), focus, motivation and hypnotherapy for anger issues.

After completing a program of hypnosis for sports, clients report that they feel calmer, notice an increase in concentration and most importantly they are more relaxed and enjoying the game they love once again.

It is hard enough competing or training at a high level in today’s world without putting up unhelpful mental barriers.

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