The hardest thing about being a hypnotherapist!


When people are sitting in my chair my job is usually pretty straight forward. I talk to my clients subconscious mind, ask it what the problem is and it either just tells me or I go and find it. When it’s been found I get them to re-process it so that they can move forward.
The hardest part of the job is getting them into the chair in the fist place. Through misconceptions about what hypnosis is, the attitude of soldiering on and unawareness that hypnotherapy can help are the main barriers that I have to overcome.
Close to 1in 3 people will have a mental issue at some point in their lives including anxiety, depression, panic attacks, IBS, psoriasis, grief, trauma and phobias to name a few. Taking drugs and talking about them will not make them go away because they are subconscious issues.
Why can’t you quit smoking, loose weight, stop reliving a past trauma, get on a plane, leave your house, have to check the lights are off 50 times, be near a spider?
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Brain Magnetism

As a hypnotherapist I am asked to explain to my clients what is wrong with them because they don’t understand why they feel so bad. My reply goes a little like this.
Your brain is magnet that searches for whatever your dominant thoughts are. Notice if a negative thought takes you inside your mind how quickly other negative thoughts seem to come along making you feel even worse. If this negative thought process continues a pattern or habit will be formed and your mind will only search for more negative stuff.
If this continues it can turn into depression where a person has been following this pattern of thought for so long their mind has difficulty finding anything positive it is so intent on looking for negative stuff.
If you recognise this happening to you don’t worry the mind can be helped to look for positive stuff too. The brain is elastic and can be taught to attract positive stuff just as effectively.
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If you do the old same thing you get the same result…right?

Patterns of behavior or habits allow us to function and get things done. These patterns can be useful and positive or they can be negative and make us unhappy. All the people that I see in my hypnotherapy practice are running negative patterns or they have bad habits that they can’t seem to shake.
Most people are afraid of changing their patterns behavior even though continuing with them makes them miserable. They stay in the same jobs, with the same partners doing the same things all the while whining and complaining how unfair life is, waiting for something to happen.
If you keep doing the same thing all the time you will surely get the same result!
When children are learning to walk they fall down, think about what went wrong, get up and try again until they find a way of walking that does work.
So why shouldn’t we as adults do the same thing?
If you hate your job and it makes you miserable, look into changing it. If you are in a relationship that isn’t working, find a way to salvage it or leave.
What ever it is that makes you unhappy do something different and observe what happens. If it works stick with it, if it doesn’t, do something else until you find something that does work.
The most important thing to remember is that you can only control your actions. Don’t expect everyone and everything around you to change just to make things easier for you.
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Why is it that Hypnotherapists are always last on the list?

Why is it that Hypnotherapists are always last on the list?

So many of my clients tell me they have seen doctors, psychologists, counselors, CBT practitioners and that hypnotherapy is their last hope of recovery. These poor people have been suffering needlessly for years with illogical mental issues like anxiety, trauma and panic to name a few.

Doctors deal with physiological problems, psychologists, counselors and CBT practitioners deal with the conscious or logical mind, Hypnotherapists deal with the subconscious which is where illogical problems are held!

Tranquilizers will not fix mental issues, only mask them. Applying logic will not fix an illogical problem.

Why is no one noticing that the majority of people with mental issues are spending months and years in therapies that do not solve their problems?

If you have mental issues see your doctor to make sure that you don’t have any physiological problems, then seek out someone who deals with the subconscious and can actually fix your problem.

It is not logical to have a heart attack when you see a spider (in the UK) or break out in a sweat when you get in a lift, or to be afraid to leave your house, or re-live something terrible that happened to you 20 years ago.

There is help out there.


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Change your life with hypnotherapy

Change is a frightening experience for most of us. We develop habits or patterns for every repetitive thing we do so that we can perform them with little or no conscious thought. Creating these patterns gets lots of things done and is generally a good thing but it is easy to develop bad patterns or habits of thought that can ruin our happiness.

Good habits get us up in the morning, get jobs done at work and allow us to repeat tasks quickly. Bad habits keep us smoking; keep us anxious, stressed and re-living past traumas. Get the idea?

A good example of how frightening change can be would be to look at why some women stay with abusive partners. They are more scared to change than leave their partner because they know where they stand even in an abusive relationship.

With the help of hypnosis change is very straight forward, the hardest bit is picking up the phone and calling a hypnotherapist. When you are ready to move on and start living the life you deserve give me a call…