Hypnotherapy for Phobia’s

Hypnosis and NLP are very successful at dealing with phobias. Phobias can be very debilitating for some people and spoil their quality of  life considerably. If you have a phobia, live in the Norwich area and want to get rid of it give me a call.

Usually a Phobia starts with one event and is then compounded by similar events to set a pattern of behavior. Sometimes this initial event is known by the sufferer but sometimes it is hidden by the mind for protection. If it is hidden we can use hypnosis to find the initial sensitizing event and deal with it at source.

Picture this, if a child were with its Mother and a big spider dropped onto her arm making her scream and panic the poor startled child would associate its Mothers reaction with “be scared of spiders”.  Any future sightings of spiders would then trigger this reaction in the child making it terrified of spiders. This is the minds way of protecting the child from potential harm which is from spiders in this case.

Phobias are stored in our subconscious for “self-protection” and because they are buried deep in the subconscious they can not be changed by talking about them consciously. By talking directly to the subconscious through hypnosis we can change these limiting beliefs and get rid of the emotion attached to them.

There are many Phobias, some that may seem silly and strange to an outsider but are very serious to the sufferer. Phobias involving flying, driving, insects, birds and dogs are very common but like all phobias they are learned responses that can be unlearned through hypnotherapy in the unconscious mind.

Phobias can usually be cleared up in one session of hypnosis and NLP unless there is an underlying deeper problem that needs addressing first.

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