Hypnotherapy for Motivation

Many people are using hypnotherapy for motivation in their professional and private lives to put them back on track and focus their attention on what they need to do for their future.

Even the most successful  person in  business or sport will get to a point in their lives where they quite literally “run out of steam”. They feel unmotivated, bored, restless, sometimes angry, want to move on but for some reason just can’t.

If left unresolved, this unsettling feeling can creep into all aspects of life affecting relationships with family and close friendships.

If you find yourself in this situation a few sessions of hypnotherapy for motivation will clarify your goals and give you an energy boost. I guess you could call it an M.O.T.

I will also send you away with relaxation techniques that will enable you to get good nights sleep and stop worrying.

Modern athletes and the use of Hypnosis for sports motivation

 “A good athlete and a great athlete are separated by strength of mind, not by strength of body”

 It is no secret that professional sportsmen and sportswomen employ the use of hypnotists and hypnotherapists to increase their confidence and calm their minds giving them a massive mental edge over their rivals.

Most of my sports related clients common reasons for visiting me are nerves (or choking in Tennis), focus, motivation and hypnotherapy for anger issues.

After completing my program of hypnosis for sports, clients report that they feel calmer, notice an increase in concentration and most importantly they are more relaxed and enjoying the game they love once again.

It is hard enough competing or training at a high level in today’s world without putting up unhelpful mental barriers. I will help you break down these barriers and give you technique to take away and use in all areas of your life

Also what’s going on at work or in our private lives can affect our sporting performance. These issues can be addressed as part of the sports hypnotherapy sessions if you wish.

My style of therapy is client centered so if there is another issue that is holding you back it will come forward and we can deal with it at the same time.

“One small positive change will snowball and make big changes in all areas of our lives”


Hypnotherapy for sports injury recovery

Many injured athletes use hypnosis for pain relief and focusing the mind on recovering earlier. Many of the top football and basketball teams in the US employ hypnotherapists for this purpose and are having very positive results with patients recovering up to 33% faster. After a session of hypnosis for injury recovery I will show you how to focus your attention on your injury so that you can continue the process of healing anytime, any place anywhere that’s convenient to you. I will also show you how to use mental visualization so that you can continue to train while you are recovering from your sports injury.

If you have any questions about hypnotherapy, motivation and negative beliefs fill in the boxes below;

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