Hypnotherapy for sleep

I find the use of hypnotherapy for sleep problems essential in the recovery of most mental issues. Worry, anxiety and stress prevent a proper, restful night’s sleep.

Lack of sleep has been linked to a suppressed immune system, diabetes, heart attacks, weight gain and an increase chance of developing cancer.

We sleep for an average of 32 years in our lifetime and sleep is essential for our restoration, processing and filing of all the days information. 50 years ago an adult slept for an average of 8 hours a day but today that figure is more likely to be 6 hours a day. The hours that were filled by sleep are now used for entertainment purposes as we burn the light fantastic later into the dark hours.

When we are tired we tend to be less creative, impulsive, more likely to make poor judgments and have worse memories.

A proper nights sleep increases our concentration, attention, creativity, social skills and of course our health

Hypnotherapy is extremely effective for tackling sleep problems and is usually a byproduct of most of my client’s issues.

I ask that my clients visit their GP’s for a check up if they ask me purely to use hypnosis for sleeping issues as serious medical conditions such as sleep apnea need to be ruled out before hypnotherapy can proceed.

If your worry, anxiety and stress are causing you sleepless nights give me a call in my Norwich office to see how using hypnosis for sleep problems can change your life.

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