Help for IBS

Gut Directed Irritable Bowel Syndrome Hypnotherapy

Over a quarter of the population in the UK will suffer from IBS symptoms at some time in their lives. It is believed that the number is actually much higher with many sufferers being too embarrassed to tell their Doctor.

If you have been diagnosed with IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome  you may think that this disorder can be maintained only by medication and diet and you will have to live with it. This is not true, gut specific hypnotherapy has been proven in clinical trials to be the most effective form of therapy for IBS with over 80% of sufferers reporting improvement in their symptoms.  This system of gut specific hypnotherapy treatment or gut directed hypnotherapy has been tried and tested for over 20 years now.

The problem with IBS is the wide variation of symptoms that a sufferer has to cope with. These symptoms vary from diarrhea to constipation depending on what they have consumed, to how much stress they are under and the menstrual cycle for women. Other symptoms of IBS include severe pain, muscle spasm, nausea, bloated, indigestion and headaches. Now add to this all the stress and anxiety IBS causes and you end up with a very debilitating problem.

Medication deals with the symptoms of IBS but they can vary so much it is almost impossible to get the balance right. Medication can also mask the true symptoms of IBS making it mote damaging in the long-term and all have side effects.

If you are lucky and have a forward thinking Doctor you may be advised to look for a hypnotherapist who treats IBS. It is well-known that the mind and the body are connected.  Gut directed hypnotherapy as it’s sometimes known reduces anxiety that IBS causes and can also reprocess the past traumas that maintain the anxiety.

What does the Gut directed  hypnotherapy treatment package include?

The  package includes 4 individual  sessions of hypnotherapy and 1. All the sessions are centered around your individual needs and will vary from client to client. This program is accompanied by information hand outs and 5 self-hypnosis MP3 recordings that cement in the work done during the hypnosis sessions.

What do I have to do?

Your only commitment is to listen to the supplied self-hypnosis Recordings as advised throughout the program and be responsible for any dietary or eating habits that may need adjusting.

How much is the package?

The complete cost of the Gut  Directed IBS package is £299.Payment in full is due on the first day of treatment.

I am interested what do I do now?

Book a free consultation so that we can chat about your IBS and I will answer any questions you may have for me.  I will then introduce you  to hypnosis. The consultation lasts about 30 minutes and if you are not 100% happy you are under no obligation to continue with treatment.

If you want more information on Gut Specific Hypnotherapy for IBS fill in the boxes below;


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