Help for Cancer

If you are in the Norwich area and need some extra help for yourself or your family fighting cancer you really should be using the power of your mind. Hypnotherapy can help you to think positively, teach you relaxation, help with pain control and fight the battle.

Cancer strives on negativity, fear, worry, stress and anxiety. Hypnosis can change many of the bad thoughts that slow down or in some instances prevent recovery from cancer. The mind controls the body and a positive attitude with your current treatment will help recovery.

By changing bad thought patterns  by using hypnosis to ones of strength, courage, hope and positivity I can help you fight cancer. I can also give you techniques for  relaxation and  help you get a  peaceful nights sleep so that you are ready to fight the next day.

The NHS will fix your body, why not let me fix your mind with hypnosis and we will fight cancer together.

The other people who suffer the mental effects of cancer are relatives and friends. It is very hard keeping a brave face for 24 hours a day when you’re insides are constantly churning. If you are getting to the point where you need some help coping I am available  for you too.

If you have any questions about hypnotherapy you can call me on 07899886882 Or fill in the boxes below;

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