Help for Anxiety and stress

If you live in the Norwich area and feel stress and anxiety are getting to you why not give me a call. My NLP and Hypnotherapy for anxiety techniques can change the way you feel really quickly.

The hectic pace of modern life with its expectancy and the pressures to achieve and earn more money place huge amounts of pressure on us all. Some people have coping mechanisms that can deal with these pressures but many others find it difficult to cope. The words stress and anxiety are increasingly used today and account for a large percentage of sick days taken off work. With the current recession putting even more pressure on us this figure will not quickly decrease in the near future.

Up till recent times our built in fight or flight response has kept us alive from sabre tooth tigers and wolves but our responses to danger have not had the chance to evolve proportionally to modern non-life threatening instances. People suffering from panic attacks induced by stress or trauma today are reacting in the same way as they would have hundreds of years ago when faced by predators. The responses are largely disproportional in modern life unless you live in war torn countries like Afghanistan where they are crucial to survival.

Stress, caused by these pressures of modern life can lead to anxiety which can in turn lead to panic attacks. Stress occurs when we start to lose control of a situation. This can lead to feelings of frustration, anxiety and anger. These problems are not specific to adults; many children are susceptible to suffering from bouts of anxiety especially around puberty.  Children today grow up much faster than 30 years ago and are often too immature to deal with many modern pressures and expectations. This may in turn lead them on to suffering from panic attacks. During exam times suffering from anxiety can have a devastating effect on a child and be detrimental to their health and affect their futures. Many adults suffering from these conditions today do not seek professional help through embarrassment as a stigma still exists with suffering from a mental health problem. In fact one in four of us will suffer from a mental health problem at some time in our lives and stress and anxiety are the main ones suffered.

Most GP’s are not geared up to deal with mental health problems and referrals to Specialists can take a long time because of waiting lists. Current government cutbacks in Mental Health have lead to a shortage of Health professionals too which leaves many people in vunerable positions.

If you are interested in finding out how hypnotherapy can help you with anxiety and stress give me a call in my Norwich office.

Using hypnotherapy for depression has also become more popular as sufferers realise that taking sedatives is not the long term answer. If you experience negativity in your life and concentrate on it you can make yourself feel worse. Once this pattern of negativity sets in through the repetition of negative thoughts you can start feeling depressed. If you have developed an unproductive thought pattern that makes you feel depressed we can replace it using hypnotherapy to access the subconscious mind.

The Hypnosis and NLP techniques that I use are very effective if you are suffering from depression. Hypnotherapy can be used to boost your ego and change unwanted thought patterns so that you can start to positively look toward the future. Hypnosis deals directly with the subconscious mind where habits and patterns are made.

If you are taking prescription drugs for depression already, Hypnosis can be combined to effect faster change.

If you are already being treated and want to reduce your prescription drugs or come off them  you must always check with your GP first as they need to be reduced gradually.

Many forward thinking GP’s are working with hypnotherapists in Norwich to help with their mental thought process.

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