Hypnotic Age Regression

Hypnotic Age Regression therapy is an accurate way of searching into the past to find, review, understand and then re-frame bad memories. Once these memories are understood and re-framed you can move on with your life without them causing you pain.

Can you imagine the useless clutter that would gather in your head if you brain remembered absolutely every single moment that happened in your life? To prevent this overload of useless information being built up the brain filters out the mundane stuff and stores away anything it considers worth remembering. The memories it keeps could be called momentous or emotional moments. So it therefore follows that if something very emotional occurs the brain will retain that memory. Negative emotions are given the greatest priority because of their potential for physical or emotional pain.

Regression therapy is a fantastic way of revisiting memories and then re-evaluating them with new knowledge. For example if an important event happened when you were six years old you would have evaluated that event using your six years worth of experience. By re-visiting that event and looking at it with an adult perspective that memory can be re-processed and re-evaluated.

It is important to remember that memories are not the absolute truth, just an individual’s perception of the experience.

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