Trust is essential between a hypnotherapist/Hypnotist and his client. What happens between us stays in the room unless I feel that you are in imminent danger. Some of you may come to see me without your family’s knowledge and some of you may not want me to call you back on the phone for personal reasons so let me know if that’s the case.

Some of the Hypnosis and NLP techniques I can use do not require you to tell me every single detail of your problem. All I ask is that you to be honest so that we can effectively address your problem. If you are holding back important  information Hypnotherapy will not be as effective.

Remember I am not here to judge you, just improve your life so that you can move on from your problem and look forward to a brighter future.

I do fill in a notation form with your basic details and medical history for yours and my protection.  I may occasionally write down notes so that I can remember important information, unless you ask me not to.

if you need any reassurance about confidentiality please call me on 07899886882 or fill in the boxes below;