The hardest thing about being a hypnotherapist!


When people are sitting in my chair my job is usually pretty straight forward. I talk to my clients subconscious mind, ask it what the problem is and it either just tells me or I go and find it. When it’s been found I get them to re-process it so that they can move forward.
The hardest part of the job is getting them into the chair in the fist place. Through misconceptions about what hypnosis is, the attitude of soldiering on and unawareness that hypnotherapy can help are the main barriers that I have to overcome.
Close to 1in 3 people will have a mental issue at some point in their lives including anxiety, depression, panic attacks, IBS, psoriasis, grief, trauma and phobias to name a few. Taking drugs and talking about them will not make them go away because they are subconscious issues.
Why can’t you quit smoking, loose weight, stop reliving a past trauma, get on a plane, leave your house, have to check the lights are off 50 times, be near a spider?
If you want to find out why and you are sick of living with one of the above go to If you suffer from anxiety and want some free self help techniques for stopping anxiety go to If you suffer from IBS go to


The cure for Anxiety is here!


A group of Maverick hypnotherapists are claiming that they have found the solution to curing anxiety and stopping panic attacks. Some of them are even claiming that they can reverse depression. Speaking for hypnotherapists Alex Evans, from the aptly named Change 4 the Better hypnotherapy practice in Norwich said that “hypnotherapists have known that depression is an issue maintained in the subconscious mind for years and can be reversed”.

Health officials stumped

Doctors have found anxiety and depression very frustrating, many opting to deal with it as a physiological issue prescribing antidepressants even though it has been recently proved that placebo was more effective.
Officials at the NHS are still very confused as how to approach anxiety and depression still opting for conscious therapies like Counselling and CBT. Hypnotherapists all over the country are baffled by this as mental issues are in the realm of the subconscious mind where beliefs and memories are stored.


Experts are working hard on understanding the complexities of the mind. One said that everyone’s mind is different due to genetics, different life experiences and ones individual experiences. Frankly we are finding it very difficult and uncooperative to work with.

No change on the horizon

We asked some big Pharmaceutical company’s about the hypnotherapists findings but most would not comment though one said off the record that there was no money in curing people, what ever that meant?


Alex Evans when asked if hypnotherapy could help everyone said “only the ones who were ready to change and came willing to use their imaginations could be helped. There are some people who’s minds are closed to this type of therapy and had already decided that there is no help for them which made him sad”
He also said that talking and exposure therapies compound anxious and depressive thoughts making patients feel worse. Hypnotherapy is fast, direct, effective and most clients are able to move on from anxiety after just 4 sessions he claimed.


Alex Evans told us “knowledge is power, and when people have the information that you can change your mindset, mental issues become less scary”
Alex has a website for anxiety self help at and his main website for information about hypnotherapy.

Are you really ready to change?

Generally when someone comes in to see me for hypnotherapy they are at a stage where they have recognised that they have an problem that is effecting their happiness and now is the right time to sort it out.
Sometimes people bring family and friends in because they feel that they have an issue and need help. That is the caring thing to do but for change to take place the sufferer must recognise they have a problem and be determined to change.
It is vitally important that that person takes responsibility for their change and not expect the therapist to do all the work. The change has to come from within and will only be effective if they are 100% committed.
The good news is that if you put as much effort into changing your issue as you do in maintaining them things will reverse. The brain is pliable and it is scientific fact that it can learn new, better, more productive ways of thinking.
If you want to find out about how hypnotherapy can change your life visit
If you have an anxious feeling and want proof that by changing your thoughts you can change the feeling go to Use the free self help techniques there and notice the change. Make sure you engage, put 100% effort into them and follow the instructions.

Hypnotherapy gets stuck in jam at the WI…


I wouldn’t normally post this but here Is the response I got from the WI when I asked if they would consider me coming in and talking about hypnotherapy and mental health issues.
I will have to give them the benefit of doubt as some of them may have thought I was going to turn them into chickens!

Dear Mr Evans

“Thank you very much for expressing an interest in being a speaker for the WI.
The Board of Trustees, and members of a recent Auditions Day, have recently been reviewing the list of prospective speakers.
Unfortunately they feel that your talk on hypnotherapy would not attract enough bookings for you and so it would not be appropriate to ask you to attend an Audition”
Apologies for being the bearer of this news.

Dear Madam,
I am very surprised by your committees reply as 1 in 4 people will suffer from a mental issue including anxiety, stress, panic attacks, OCD, trauma, chronic pain as well as stress maintained Illness like IBS and psoriasis at one time in their lives. hypnotherapy can also help people cope with cancer and even aid recovery.
I guess it’s my fault for not being clearer about the benefits of hypnosis and the mind/body connection.
Kind Regards Alex.

Dear Mr Evans,

“I am sorry but although the subject is important and people need to know, they often choose not to do that at a monthly meeting. For some, the importance of the meeting is the social aspect and we find that health and tax subjects are not as well supported as other topics”

Terrible thoughts and feelings.


Some people have terrible thoughts, go to bed and wake up in the morning.

Some people have terrible feelings, go to bed and wake up in the morning.

Some people act on these terrible thoughts and feelings and don’t wake up in the morning.

If you suffer from terrible thoughts and feelings, there are people who can help you see a different future and that nothing is set in stone.
If you haven’t found anyone to help maybe you’ve just been looking in the wrong places!

RIP Robin Williams.

Brain Magnetism

As a hypnotherapist I am asked to explain to my clients what is wrong with them because they don’t understand why they feel so bad. My reply goes a little like this.
Your brain is magnet that searches for whatever your dominant thoughts are. Notice if a negative thought takes you inside your mind how quickly other negative thoughts seem to come along making you feel even worse. If this negative thought process continues a pattern or habit will be formed and your mind will only search for more negative stuff.
If this continues it can turn into depression where a person has been following this pattern of thought for so long their mind has difficulty finding anything positive it is so intent on looking for negative stuff.
If you recognise this happening to you don’t worry the mind can be helped to look for positive stuff too. The brain is elastic and can be taught to attract positive stuff just as effectively.
If you want to break the cycle of negative thought and are interested in how hypnotherapy can help go to
If you are suffering from anxiety and would like to learn some anxiety busting techniques go to

Some Immunosuppressive drugs used to treat IBS can cause cancer

imageClick on this text for a report on how immunosuppressive drugs containing thiopurines can cause cancer.


IBS is a stress maintained syndrome and hypnotherapy has been proven to be the most effective therapy for the relief of symptoms. Lots of sufferers have IBS because they have suffered trauma that has not been processed and is maintaining the symptoms. Once trauma has been reprocessed and the stress relieved sufferers can naturally start to heal from the inside. Combined with dietary changes and probiotics hypnotherapy has been known to clear up IBS for good.


Stress has doubled but wise Companies are using Hypnotherapy


I work with a major company in Norwich who do take their employees
mental and physical well being seriously. They see both the financial
benefits of supporting their staff and the increase in production by
having happy staff.
Typically, 4 sessions of hypnotherapy costs half the price of most
employees weekly pay so you can see why looking after your employees
mental well being saves money and hassle in the long run. It also does a
lot for company loyalty with the staff feeling valued.
Statistically one in four workers will suffer with a mental issue at
some point in their lives. These issues maybe anxiety based, trauma’s or
stressed maintained illness like IBS to name but a few. Over 40 million
days off work were attributed to just stress last year, double that of
the year before. This is a problem that will just not go away and
forward looking companies are starting to look to hypnotherapy as a way
of dealing with these issues quickly and cost effectively.
If you or your company are interested into researching how hypnotherapy
could help reduce sick days caused by mental issues why not visit

Why the Depressed stay Depressed

Why the Depressed stay Depressed

To understand why depressed people stay depresses you have to realise
that your mind is a pattern seeking device, continually searching for
ways of completing tasks and events. The expressions “you are what you
think” and “seek and you will find” are also helpful in understanding
how the mind works.
If something bad happens to you it’s very easy to focus on it and it
will eventually start to make yourself feel even worse. Your
subconscious pattern making brain will then look back to see if there
were any other incidents in your life that upset you and then you start
to think about them too making yourself feel awful. If this thought
process continues you fall into a pattern or “habit” of looking for bad
stuff until eventually your mind only searches for bad stuff. Then you
become stuck and are very likely to end up feeling depressed.
The good news is that your mind is like elastic and with help from a
qualified hypnotherapist can be taught to search for good stuff instead
of all that negative stuff.
If you are interested in finding out about hypnosis and how it can help
you visit or for anxiety self help visit