You really are not alone!


You are not alone! Believe it or not statistically1 in 4 people will suffer from a mental problem at some point in their lives. I believe it’s much higher because many sufferers are living life by coping with their anxieties and trying to push their pain away. Many use alcohol, exercise and work to distract themselves. The problem is when they get back home the pain is there, waiting for them.

Most are holding on to a belief that it’s shameful or embarrassing to admit that they are struggling to cope with life and never seek help. Many have tried to solve their problems with anti depressants or talking with counsellors and believe that there is no hope of leading a normal life.

Many of you know how much I hate the label “metal illness” that is given to problems like anxiety and depression. Only about 7% of people labelled with the mental illness tag are actually mentally ill. The other 93% have a “thinking problem” that can be resolved much quicker than they think.

The human mind works very much like a computer. It analyses the world using Imputed past experiences or memories to make decisions. If imputed information doesn’t match what is in there already it will be rejected.

Here is an example of how information is accepted or rejected through programming. Just read this next statement and see what happens:

This is a triangle! ◼

The mind compares the information that it has retained in it’s hard drive and rejects the statement because it doesn’t match.

Now use this idea to analyse these statements and see how your personal computer accepts or rejects them:

You are a good person!

You are beautiful inside and outside!

You are loved and lovable!

You are just as good as everyone else!

You don’t need to feel anxious any more!

If your computer rejected any one of these statements then you have a corruption or a virus that has been programmed in at some point of your life. This corruption is affecting your decisions and how you “perceive” yourself.

Notice I use the word perceive. I use that word because your perception of yourself is not true!
Talking and taking medications can not reach or affect your inner computer. There is only one way to access your hard drive, reprogram, de-frag and install new realistic programs. It is by using hypnotherapy. In deep trance states your beliefs and perceptions about yourself can be altered without interference.

Contact me at http://www.norwichhypnotherapyservices to find out more about how you can change your perceptions so that you can live the happy life that you deserve.

Remember “you are not alone”

You are not alone!

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