Why diets don’t work…


It’s January again! So it’s out with the old and in with the new. Many of you out there will once again be looking through the hundreds of fad diets trying to find one that promises the most with the least effort! Sadly, even with all the good intensions in the World statistically over 80% of us will fail in our attempts to lose weight.

I’m not qualified to lecture on diets but I think you will all agree that if we fill our bodies with crappy processed foods containing high levels of sugar, salt and fat our waist lines and butts will expand. Combine that with a sedentary life style and no exercise and the health implications are too frightening to contemplate.

So why is it that armed with this information we still eat badly and risk sending ourselves to an early grave? Simply because our conscious, rational, mind doesn’t run the show! There is a much more powerful part of the mind called the subconscious that controls pretty much everything we do. It lives in the moment, likes instant Gratification, it doesn’t like difficult and has no conscience. Within it are all of our memories, all our beliefs about ourselves and our remembered patterns of behavior (or habits).

The subconscious mind is emotive and has a clear Internal representation of who we are, built up from years of experiences stretching back from when we were born. Everything we do has to match up to this internal representation or any suggestions of change will be swiftly rejected.

The bad news is that will power and common sense alone have very little effect on the subconscious mind which explains why diets are so hard to maintain. The good news is that through the use of hypnosis that internal image of ourselves can be changed and the subconscious mind can be altered so it accepts positive suggestion.

If you have been struggling with yo-yo dieting and are interested in finding out more about hypnotherapy go to:


Transform your life quickly and easily with no harmful side effects using the power of hypnosis.

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