Are you really ready to change?

Generally when someone comes in to see me for hypnotherapy they are at a stage where they have recognised that they have an problem that is effecting their happiness and now is the right time to sort it out.
Sometimes people bring family and friends in because they feel that they have an issue and need help. That is the caring thing to do but for change to take place the sufferer must recognise they have a problem and be determined to change.
It is vitally important that that person takes responsibility for their change and not expect the therapist to do all the work. The change has to come from within and will only be effective if they are 100% committed.
The good news is that if you put as much effort into changing your issue as you do in maintaining them things will reverse. The brain is pliable and it is scientific fact that it can learn new, better, more productive ways of thinking.
If you want to find out about how hypnotherapy can change your life visit
If you have an anxious feeling and want proof that by changing your thoughts you can change the feeling go to Use the free self help techniques there and notice the change. Make sure you engage, put 100% effort into them and follow the instructions.

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