Stress has doubled but wise Companies are using Hypnotherapy


I work with a major company in Norwich who do take their employees
mental and physical well being seriously. They see both the financial
benefits of supporting their staff and the increase in production by
having happy staff.
Typically, 4 sessions of hypnotherapy costs half the price of most
employees weekly pay so you can see why looking after your employees
mental well being saves money and hassle in the long run. It also does a
lot for company loyalty with the staff feeling valued.
Statistically one in four workers will suffer with a mental issue at
some point in their lives. These issues maybe anxiety based, trauma’s or
stressed maintained illness like IBS to name but a few. Over 40 million
days off work were attributed to just stress last year, double that of
the year before. This is a problem that will just not go away and
forward looking companies are starting to look to hypnotherapy as a way
of dealing with these issues quickly and cost effectively.
If you or your company are interested into researching how hypnotherapy
could help reduce sick days caused by mental issues why not visit

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