Why the Depressed stay Depressed

To understand why depressed people stay depresses you have to realise
that your mind is a pattern seeking device, continually searching for
ways of completing tasks and events. The expressions “you are what you
think” and “seek and you will find” are also helpful in understanding
how the mind works.
If something bad happens to you it’s very easy to focus on it and it
will eventually start to make yourself feel even worse. Your
subconscious pattern making brain will then look back to see if there
were any other incidents in your life that upset you and then you start
to think about them too making yourself feel awful. If this thought
process continues you fall into a pattern or “habit” of looking for bad
stuff until eventually your mind only searches for bad stuff. Then you
become stuck and are very likely to end up feeling depressed.
The good news is that your mind is like elastic and with help from a
qualified hypnotherapist can be taught to search for good stuff instead
of all that negative stuff.
If you are interested in finding out about hypnosis and how it can help
you visit http://www.change4thebetter.co.uk or for anxiety self help visit

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