Hypnotherapy for healing your inner child

Image We are all damaged children to some extent bought up by carers who also happen to be damaged children themselves. Because it’s all they knew they bought us up using their experiences of their own upbringing. How often do you hear your carers using the same language or holding the same values as their carers?

They are our role models from when we were born and the ones we look to for guidance. If you have been bought up in a family where you felt safe, were supported and loved you are likely to take these values and beliefs into adulthood. If you were bought up in a family where some or all of your basic needs we’re not met or suppressed you are likely to go in to adulthood with some beliefs that will cause you problems.
If you are having difficulty “moving on” or have the feeling something is wrong and stopping you from getting on with life hypnotherapy could be the answer. In hypnosis the deep subconscious where our memories and core beliefs can be reached, understood and reprocessed.
Deep down we are all damaged children in some way and accepting that our carers are too is sometimes enough to begin the process of change. Everybody makes the right decision for them at the time using information from their own beliefs and experiences. Unfortunately we are not blessed with hindsight and sometimes make the wrong ones!
I use regression therapy in hypnosis to reframe incidents, review core beliefs and reprocess incidents so that people can accept, understand and move on.
If you are interested in how hypnotherapy can change your life go to http://www.change4thebetter.co.uk












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