Beware of the bad hypnotist inside.


What you think about or tell yourself determines how you feel!

If you don’t believe me search your mind and find a really happy memory. When you have a memory think about that memory in detail, intensify the color and sound, imagine you were back in that moment. The more detail you add the more real the memory becomes. Now notice how your mood changes, your spirit lifts, you may even find yourself smiling. Notice the feelings inside getting better and better.

Now you don’t have to imagine how focusing problems and concentrating on how cruel life has been to you is going to make you feel but that’s just what we do. It is a form of self hypnosis and the more we practice feeling bad the better we get at it. Our mind is constantly looking for patterns of behavior to make sense of the world and to guide us through it.

If you concentrate on bad stuff for long enough your mind will only look for more bad stuff and it then starts to get harder to find good stuff because your mind has given up looking for it.

Bad things do happen to people, there is no denying that and there are periods of time that people need to recover from them but if these periods over extend then escaping the trauma’s of the past can be difficult.

The first step to recovery is noticing that you are stuck in the past with negative thoughts. The second step is being brave and getting some help. If you think that this maybe you, you’re not alone, one in four of us will suffer with a mental issue at some point in our lives.

If you would like some information on how hypnotherapy could help with negative thoughts have a look at the website or if you are anxious check out the website for some free hypnotic self help techniques.

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