Are you Phobic? hypnotherapy has the answer!

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It has just been revealed that the top 3 phobias in the UK are:

1 Fear of spiders
2 Fear of visiting the Dentist
3 Fear of flying

Phobias don’t just happen, they are learned from past experience. Phobias are put in place by our subconscious mind to protect us from perceived threats. If a wasp stings you the subconscious mind learns to treat wasps as a threat and makes you wary of them. Phobics take being wary to the next level and above by over exaggerating the possible threat releasing adrenalin, the fight or flight hormone.
So if you can’t even mention your fear without your heart bursting out of your chest and breaking out in a sweat you have a problem.
The good news is it usually only takes one visit to a hypnotherapist to remove a phobia so that you can get on with your life. I can help you to put your fear back into perspective with hypnosis.

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