Hypnotherapy can repair the damage caused by bullying.

A study was published this week undeniably confirming that bullying in childhood can lead to psychological issues right up into adulthood. Many of the issues that We deal with as hypnotherapists are related to childhood bullying, myself and my colleagues are not surprised by the findings.
The study by Kings College London examined 7,771 children’s exposure to bullying at the age of 7 and 11, following them up at the age of 50. The results revealed that 28% of the children suffered occasional bullying and 15% were frequently bullied.
The children who were bullied were found to have poorer physical and mental health in adulthood, many suffering from depression and anxiety disorders. They were also found to be lower achievers, more likely to be unemployed and have more relationship issues.
The fact is that bullying incidents have remained at similar levels to 50 years ago with the addition of cyber bullying. The helplessness and fear felt by victims obviously has a huge impact and can not be under estimated.
Our childhood experiences form part of our belief system and the emotional upset that bullying causes stays with us and form part of our ego or self image. Our belief system is held in our subconscious mind and hypnotherapy is very successful at resolving issues there.
If bullying has effected your life and you are having difficulties moving forward hypnotherapy may be the way forward. All you need is an open an inquisitive mind…


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