Can anyone be hypnotised?

One of the most common questions I get asked is “can anybody be hypnotised?” The answer is yes if you are of average intelligence, capable of following instructions and have a desire to be hypnotised.
Hypnosis is a “guided trance” where your conscious, logical, critical mind take a break and allow the hypnotist to give suggestions directly to the subconscious mind. We fall in and out of trance all day so the hypnotic state feels very natural. The most common feedback I get after a session of hypnosis is “that was really relaxing”.
If you are concerned, no need to be most hypnotherapists offer free consultations and will introduce you to hypnosis. Associations like the National Hypnotherapy Society have a website that lists qualified and recognised hypnotherapists all over the UK.
Go with a willingness and an open mind to see how hypnotherapy can change your life for the better.Image

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