Afraid to get stuck in Hypnosis? Some “experts” are…

A client who came in for a second session to deal with an eating disorder had in between times visited an NHS approved CBT practitioner recommended by her GP. The practitioner asked them if they had had any other therapies. She said that she was seeing a hypnotherapist to which the practitioner said ” oh my God, I could never do that, I would be too afraid of never waking up”. Luckily my client saw through her ignorant statement and the work we had done the session before was not undone by this “person in authority”. After assessing all the information they decided not to go back to the NHS recommended therapist.
I am pleased to inform you that my client has woken up after hypnosis (as does every person who has ever been hypnotised) on both occasions and is making fantastic progress with her issue.
I wonder how many people seeking help are put off alternative therapies by the “experts” within our health services? How many people miss the opportunity to use hypnotherapy to recover from their problem after bad advise from the “experts in white coats” or recommended NHS therapists.
Most of us have a strong belief that people wearing white coats know everything and we should blindly follow their advice. There are alternatives out there and the information on other therapies is readily available on unbiased forums on the internet.
I am not anti NHS, they do a fantastic job on the whole with the awful structure that they have to operate within. The point I am making is that we should all take responsibility to find out as much as we can about our issues so we can make informed decisions on what therapies are available to us.

“Keep an open mind and never dismiss anything without researching it firstImage

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