Hypnotherapy to find the cause of anxiety

Anxiety is a symptom and treating a symptom does not address the cause. Anti-depressants and serotonin based uppers treat the symptoms of anxiety and depression, which in the short term can help but until the cause of the anxiety has been dealt with the problem rarely goes away.
There is always a reason for a person becoming anxious. Anxiety does not start for no reason. Some event or experience has happened and the subconscious has processed it as a a threat. Every time the same or a similar situation occurs the person becomes anxious. It is our subconscious minds way of protecting us from what it perceives as immanent danger.
Using regression therapy under hypnosis the cause of anxiety can be found and then reprocessed. Once the cause has been dealt with a and the subconscious has been reprocessed then true healing can occur. Sometimes these initiating events have happened way back in childhood and the anxious person isn’t even aware that’s where their problem started.
A good hypnotherapist will help a person find the cause of the anxiety so that they can deal with the cause of the problem and move forward.


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