Hypnotherapy for a better nights sleep

Worry, anxiety and stress prevent a proper, restful night’s sleep. Lack of sleep has been linked to a suppressed immune system, diabetes, heart attacks, weight gain and an increase chance of developing cancer.

Sleep is essential for our restoration, processing and filing of all the days information.

When we are tired we tend to be less creative, impulsive, more likely to make poor judgments and have worse memories.

A proper nights sleep increases  concentration, attention, creativity, social skills and of course our health

Hypnotherapy is extremely effective for tackling sleep problems and is usually a byproduct of most of my client’s issues.

If your worry, anxiety and stress are causing you sleepless nights give me a call in my Norwich office to see how using hypnosis can help with sleep problems can change your life or check out the page on sleep on my websie.

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