2 thoughts on “Why dieting doesn’t usually work

  1. Re: Sandra Aamodt: “Why dieting doesn’t usually work”, Ted talks video. Great video Alex. Sandra Aamodt is right on the button with her message. From my experience the only way to get in touch with hunger is to fore-go food, until you feel hungry. Get in touch with that feeling, and it will feel strangely familiar. Be mindful of this feeling and create and new healthier habit. We tend to eat: breakfast, lunch and supper, whether we are hungry or not. Only eating when feeling hungry does work, and the benefits include: more energy, not falling asleep after eating, and a clearer more focused mind. Personally I use to eat two meals a day, with grazing in-between meals. I just fancied this and that, and there was a pattern to this eating habit. Then I decided to count the calories for just one days grassing. The two bars of chocolate, one bag of crisps, and a cream cake came to over a thousand calories, and I did this most working days. It would take me one hour running along the beach at 70% of my safe maximum heart rate to burn off just one bar of chocolate, go figure. All the best Ray 🙂

    • True Ray, there is too much eating on the run, eating in front of the TV and far too much junk food available everywhere to tempt us. Thinking and focusing on what we eat and when is not a part of most peoples lives today.
      I use these examples in my hypnotic weight loss program that is specifically designed to change bad eating habits while being easy to maintain for life. Nearly all diets are temporary and difficult to maintain long term mainly because they are un-realistic and don’t include subconscious agreement.
      With subconscious agreement dieting need not be a war of attrition. It’s what we hypnotists do.

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