Your Hypnotherapists Reasons not to stop smoking.

As a hypnotherapist I believe that we should all live our lives the way we want.

So if you want to continue to smoke I have compiled a list of  reasons to help ease the anguish and justify your habit so that you can fully enjoy the wonderful experience of smoking.


1. I don’t smoke enough to worry about the health risks.

 2. My Grandfather smoked and he lived till he was 86.

 3. I really enjoy the taste and smell of tobacco.

 4. I keep myself fit by going to the gym so smoking the odd cigarette is fine.

 5. There are far worse things that I could spend my money on.

 6. Smoking is the only thing that relaxes me.

 7. My partner smokes so there is no point in trying to stop.

 8. I have tried to stop before but it’s impossible to once you start.

 9. I take comfort in knowing that I can stop anytime I want.

 10. Roll ups aren’t as bad as straights because they don’t contain added chemicals.

11. As long as you stop before you’re 35 you will be fine.

 If the above reasons don’t convince you to keep up enjoying your vice and you would like to stop smoking for good contact me Alex, at

 2014 could be your year.

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