Hypnotherapy can help!

People do not “choose” to feel depressed, anxious, have panic attacks, be anorexic, and be scared of spiders or of flying. They are victims of their experiences of life and their internal belief systems gained from these experiences.

 Every one who smokes knows it is bad for them but continues to smoke. People who have weight issues continue to eat the wrong foods even though they know that it makes them unhappy. People who feel depressed can only think of shitty things even though it makes them feel worse. This is not logical agreed?

Telling people to snap out of it or keep a stiff upper lip, or there are worse off people in the world than you does not makes any difference to them. This is because these issues are out of conscious, logical reach stored in their subconscious which is a more powerful part of the mind and one we don’t have control of. If we did we would all be slim and happy!

One in four people will suffer from a mental illness (a bad thought pattern) at some point in their lives. Mental illness is only now starting to be accepted and not seen as a social stigma.

I am seeing many people with similar “bad thought patterns”. They have not chosen to feel bad but have recognized they have issues and have decided to change them so they can lead a better life.

Most people who are suffering from “depression” are running unproductive thought patterns that make them feel bad and end up looping so that they then feel even worse. They go to the doctors asking for a label, get one called “depression” and a bottle of pills that dub things down. Unless they have a chemical imbalance that requires medication most “depressed” people need to be taught how to change the bad thought patterns into good, productive ones.

There are people out there who’s misery becomes part of them for what ever reason but the vast majority of people would rather be rid of these bad feelings and be happy again.

They don’t understand why they feel bad and they are mostly unaware or scared of getting help.

Help is available so why not give hypnotherapy a look?

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