Change your life with hypnotherapy

Change is a frightening experience for most of us. We develop habits or patterns for every repetitive thing we do so that we can perform them with little or no conscious thought. Creating these patterns gets lots of things done and is generally a good thing but it is easy to develop bad patterns or habits of thought that can ruin our happiness.

Good habits get us up in the morning, get jobs done at work and allow us to repeat tasks quickly. Bad habits keep us smoking; keep us anxious, stressed and re-living past traumas. Get the idea?

A good example of how frightening change can be would be to look at why some women stay with abusive partners. They are more scared to change than leave their partner because they know where they stand even in an abusive relationship.

With the help of hypnosis change is very straight forward, the hardest bit is picking up the phone and calling a hypnotherapist. When you are ready to move on and start living the life you deserve give me a call…

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