Excerpt from a hypnosis script for stopping smoking

I was looking through some hypnosis scripts I had written when I was training as a hypnotherapist. This one is for all you smokers with families who are thinking about quitting.

I want you to imagine a possible future where you have continued to smoke.

You are lying on a bed in a white room…you are surrounded by a haze and you can’t see clearly yet.

As your eyes become more focused you notice that you are in a room in a Hospital…Around you are machines making clicking and beeping noises…The air smells of anti-septic and you can feel the hard uncomfortable mattress and stiff sheets beneath you.

Then you notice that you have a mask on your face and you notice the hiss of gas and the feel of the cold oxygen as it flows over your nose and mouth…As it dawns on you where you are and how you got here you can feel the quickening of your heart.

In the background you can hear weeping and as you turn you notice that your children are beside you looking sad with tears filling their eyes.

I want you to explain to them why you continued to smoke when you knew that this would happen…tell them how sorry you are that you are going to leave them early…with no Mother…Tell them how sorry you are.

Pretty thought provoking…

6 thoughts on “Excerpt from a hypnosis script for stopping smoking

  1. Glad you like it mcullaghhypnotherapy, it works really well with parents. Smokers are that selfish they can’t see beyond the next cigarette and cancer is something that others who smoke get. I know because I used to be one if anyone thinks I’m being harsh.

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