Hypnotherapy and childhood trauma

Working with peoples issues as a hypnotherapist really drives home the responsibility we have to our children’s wellbeing. So many parents badly manage their children’s traumatic events because they usually don’t have the skills or experience to deal with them. How many of us would like to go back and deal with these issues again more effectively using the knowledge we have today?

Children do not have the mental capacity or life experience to cope with trauma alone. When I say trauma I don’t just mean one dreadful traumatic event. Children can be traumatized by a family break up, the death of a relative, or abuse for example. Sometimes these things happen and they are dealt with poorly by adults so the child can not process what has happened. This can lead to guilt, anxiety, depression and poor life skills later on in adulthood.

If something happens to one of your children talk to them about it, let them know that you are there for them and help them process what has happened. If you feel that you can’t, get the appropriate professional help.

I see many people with issues who would not be where they are if they had more support, been listened too and then allowed to process the event as a child.

If you have children tell them you love them, listen to them and help them to understand if they are faced with a traumatic event. Children are not stupid; they just don’t possess the life skills to deal with trauma alone.

 It is so important to help children process trauma as they don’t have the life skills to deal with it properly.

 Quite often the emotional baggage that we carry around with us is due to unprocessed trauma from childhood. Hypnotherapy can help to reprocess such events so that you can move on.

 If you are interested in Hypnotherapy or want more information on hypnotherapy call me on 07899886882 or e-mail me, Alex at Change4theBetter.

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