Retrieving past memories using hypnosis.

Our brain is like an organic hard drive capable storing massive amounts of information. Can you imagine how impractical it would be to remember every waking moment in detail and store this information for future use?

The brain has a selective filter put in place so that only information that is deemed significant is stored for reference. For example you will not remember every day’s journey into work but if a car crashed in front of you that particular journey would stay in your mind as a notable memory.

These notable memories are labeled as significant moments in your life by your brain and stored away for future use. If the brain does not deem certain memories as particularly useful or too hurtful to think about, it can file them and hide them. These memories are not deleted and may be retrieved by the brain if it feels that they maybe useful for helping resolve an incident.

So the important pieces of information (in the form of memories) that helped to build your belief system are all stored away in your brain somewhere. If these memories are causing you to experience problems in your life they can be accessed by you with a competent hypnotherapist’s help. Most of the time you will be unaware which past memory is the root of your problem but once it is opened up, understood and reprocessed the process of healing can begin.

For more information on hypnotherapy and how it can help you contact me, Alex at Change 4 The better.

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