Hypnotherapy is more effective than Counseling and CBT.

In my opinion client centered Hypnotherapy is much more effective than Counseling and CBT because it deals directly with the part of the brain where the negative patterns of belief are stored. Counseling and CBT also offer coping mechanisms rather than cures.

For example, if you tell someone with a bad self image that they are a worthy person the suggestion will always be rejected. That is because the subconscious does not believe the praise as it holds a negative belief given to them by a person of authority or from a past experience.

Sometimes hypnotists, hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners going for quick cures can also miss deeper, hidden issues that can re-emerge later.

Now I am not saying that Counseling and CBT are bad Therapies. Sitting down pouring out your heart for months on end or being told that consciously they know that they really are a worthy person works for some people.

What I am saying is that client centered hypnotherapy is more effective, faster and deals with the where and when they began.

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