Happy Relationships?

Every one wants to be liked, it’s normal! This natural instinct starts in infancy and stays with us for the rest of our lives. If people like us they will help us, support us and we will be happy and content.

If we are in healthy relationships with our family, friends and partners we like them and they like us, we give love and support and they give it back equally.

There is a problem when one person in a relationship feels that they have try harder than the other one to maintain it. For example do you feel that you have to work harder to impress your parents than your siblings, or do you feel worried that if you don’t do everything your partner wants they will leave you.

This uneasiness can leave you with a churning, uncomfortable feeling inside and can start to bring you down and affect your happiness.

What can you do if you feel that this is happening to you?

The first thing is talk to the other party involved calmly at an appropriate moment not during an argument. Quite often the other party is unaware of their behavior and how unhappy it is making you. Your next option is to accept the response that you get, try again when the next opportunity arises or leave that relationship if it can not be resolved.

If you can do neither of these things for whatever reason, hypnotherapy can help.

Your beliefs and thought patterns are stored in your subconscious mind. Under hypnosis relationship problems can be resolved so that you can accept and move on, or give you the courage to make the right choice for your future happiness.

We all deserve to live a happy rewarding life; whatever has happened in the past is over and can not be undone so start living for the now and the future.

We are only on this planet once.

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