How to control anxiety and stress

A great way to control anxiety if it rears its ugly head is a technique called seven/eleven breathing. When we feel anxious we start to breath much faster than normal and often only using the top of our lungs reducing our oxygen intake. The seven/eleven technique, once mastered can control anxiety and reduce stress very quickly.

You need to practice this technique first but don’t worry, it really does not take long to master.

Firstly place your hand on your abdomen and breathe in. Your hand should be pushed out as your lungs expand. Notice your hand retreating back as you exhale. When you do this correctly you will be filling your lungs with that energy giving oxygen naturally calming you and increasing the oxygen supply to your brain.

Now as you breathe in count to seven, hold for two and exhale for a count of eleven. Now the speed of the count depends on you so count as fast or as slow as is comfortable for you.

This technique is also great for just relaxing so keep practicing the seven/eleven breathing technique so that it requires no thought to do.

The other nice thing about the seven/eleven breathing technique is that nobody can see us do it so we don’t have to feel uncomfortable if we are out in public.

This is one of the best techniques to control anxiety but you must practice it first.

Remember you don’t have to live with anxiety and panic, good hypnotists can take it away!

Give me a call when you have had enough of feeling anxious…

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7 thoughts on “How to control anxiety and stress

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  2. This sounds like a great technique to try when suffering from anxiety or a panic attack. It’s amazing how breathing techniques can help so much and are so effective.

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