Just watched a couple on the TV talking about how forgiving the murderer of their son had helped them to move on with their lives. They said that this man had taken their sons life away but they had decided not to let him take their lives away too. Asked about revenge and the Father said that you need to be prepared to dig 2 graves if revenge is on your minds.

I don’t think most of us put in their positions would have the strength to do what they have done or the willingness to forgive especially if the person was unrepentant.

It is very easy to hate people who have wronged us but focusing on it starts to poison and affect our every day lives. Besides they don’t care about how we feel how ever much we want them to suffer ourselves and dream of them coming to a sticky end!

I believe that it is not necessary to forgive those who have wronged us to move on but to think of it in a different way so that it does not take over our lives.

I am not saying never forgive those who have wronged us, I am saying that it is not fair for us to have to suffer for years thinking about it.

Making these changes cognitively may take months or years but one session of hypnosis where changes are made deep in the subconscious work instantly.

Once the bad thought pattern is changed you no can longer think about the subject in the same way and can start to get on with your life and focus on possitive stuff.

Think about how rich your life would be with out these thoughts….

Call me if you have had enough and want to move on…

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