Welcome to the Change 4 the better hypnotherapy website.

My name is Alex Evans and I am a registered hypnotist and hypnotherapist practicing hypnotherapy in Norwich specializing in the removal of anxiety disorders caused mainly by childhood trauma. Anxiety can cause panic attacks, PTSD, OCD, eating disorders, fears and phobias. Because of the mind/body connection trauma can also lead to chronic illness such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, heart disease, immune disorders, IBS and cancer.

As a hypnotherapist I’m usually the last person that people come to see when everything else they have tried has failed, but I’m usually the most effective.

You are probably aware by now that talking about your anxiety issues has only temporary effect on how you feel and taking medications is only good for coping with the symptoms of anxiety. You may have also been lead to believe that you are stuck with these stressful symptoms and will have to cope with them for the rest of your life. That’s Rubbish!

The established way of dealing with anxiety and trauma is currently centered on talk therapies like CBT, Psychotherapy and counseling. They work with the conscious part of your mind and try to get you to solve your problems with rational and unessesaryily painful aversion techniques. These therapies are lengthy and are usually pretty ineffective because they rely on educated guess work. Let’s face it; if talking about your issues worked you’d have talked yourself better by now.

Our problems and negative beliefs are buried deep inside our subconscious minds like corruptions and are not accessible in conscious states. A skilled analytical hypnotherapist can locate these corruptions and reprocess them so that they no longer cause a problem. ‘If you treat the cause of anxiety issues the symptoms disappear’

Some people are more educated in the subject, but unfortunately most people’s idea of hypnosis is derived from watching stage hypnotist’s shows and they find it difficult to separate entertainment from hypnotherapy. They imagine loosing control of their minds, embarrassing themselves and giving away their secrets. These are myths and have no place in therapy.

Hypnosis takes advantage of natural trance states and has no nasty side effects. Because hypnotherapy deals directly with the subconscious mind the changes happen instantly so you quickly feel much better. On average deep seated trauma resolution, depression, social anxiety, panics attacks, PTSD and phobias can be dealt with in 4 sessions.

As well as being good for processing trauma, hypnosis is incredibly relaxing and has tremendous health benefits. I will also teach you how to self hypnotize so you can enjoy the benefits of self hypnosis at home or at work. Just imagine how great it must feel to have an instant stress relieving method that you can employ anywhere and at anytime!

‘Anyone one who can follow instructions’ can be hypnotized. It costs nothing to call me or arrange a consultation at my hypnotherapy practice in Norwich to make sure that you understand the process of hypnosis and talk about the resolution of your anxiety.

If you have any questions I can be contacted by phone at Norwich Hypnotherapy Services on 07899886882 or you can fill in the boxes below.